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Please…Stop the Sh** Hop…Leena Terese

I remember as a pre teen and as a teenager, putting my headphones on and pressing play on my disc man (Remember those…LOL). I would listen to my music and drift off in another world.  From Nas to Bone Thugs to The Fugees, I remember when rap was  real. I remember when it was authentic and not a gimmick. Rappers actually took the time to put lyrics together and come up with a concept. They spoke from their experiences and they shared their own story. It was more than just putting words together that rhymed with a hot beat. It was more about telling a story. Whether you loved or hated the story, you had to respect the stories authenticity and realness. Continue reading “Please…Stop the Sh** Hop…Leena Terese”

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The Most Influential Black Woman In My Opinion…Fatiha Malik

The most influential black woman in my opinion would have to be Beyonce’ for my generation. I grew up  during the Destiny’s Child era, basically loved every song they put out, formed my own girl group with my closest friends to mimic DC, and learned every lyric to their songs. I must admit as I grew older I wasn’t equally a die hard fan as I was when I was younger, however, I still felt and witnessed the influence Beyonce’ single-handedly had on my generation, the generation before me, and the millennial
generation. Continue reading “The Most Influential Black Woman In My Opinion…Fatiha Malik”

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What Philando Castile’s Shooting Death Reminds Black America…Black Minds Black Voices

When you’re black in America police brutality and harassment is nothing surprising. It’s as common as going to the store and buying a carton of ice cream. For years and years, black people in America have been unfairly targeted and killed by the police. This is nothing new. The only thing that makes it seem new to others is social media. Social media is bringing a lot things to the forefront that this country has hidden underneath a rug. Our society is so good for that. Hiding problems as if they don’t exist, but when it’s on tape over and over again you can’t deny that it exists. You can but the reality is you are in something called denial. As Mark Twain said, “denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.” Continue reading “What Philando Castile’s Shooting Death Reminds Black America…Black Minds Black Voices”