6 Reasons Why You Should Attend An HBCU! Fatiha Malik

In case you haven’t heard, HBCU’s are at the top of many college goer’s list for where they prefer to receive their college education.

Why? You may ask. 1. HBCU’s have long been known to provide world class education tailored for African Americans and people of color.

HBCU’s came about because people of color were denied an adequate education during and after slavery. Therefore, we were not able to compete on the same level for jobs in the corporate world as our white counterparts.

Thus, we took the initiative and created a safe space for us to get an education despite the adversity we faced.



2. HBCU’s nurture us, and prepare young people to compete in the corporate world. If you haven’t heard African American women are amongst the top graduates, and top educated group in the country.

All we need is for black men to follow suit and we will be unstoppable.

Speaking from experience, there is no substitute for the black college experience.

3. From the culture, to the brotherhood and sisterhood Greek life provides, to the pride it instills in anyone who is a product of an HBCU- I’m telling you, the experience is priceless!

There will be times when you will feel hopeless, while sitting in financial aid and they are telling you there is nothing they can do to help cover your tuition cost, or when you are stuck with a roommate from hell for the entire semester- trust me I’ve been down that road one time too many.

But look at the bright side, these situations always make for the best stories.

4. The quality of education is unmatched. The classes offered are diverse and culturally

relevant, plus there’s no better feeling than chilling on the yard on a random Friday

afternoon, music blasting, no classes, and everyone is dressed to impress.

5. Not to mention the class sizes are much smaller than at PWI’s so in turn you truly get

personalized attention from professors. They know you by name and they are usually willing to help in any way they can to see you succeed.

Think about some of the brightest pioneers, actors, activist, entrepreneurs– majority have gone to, and graduated from an HBCU.

There is no secret that when you give blacks lemons they will make lemonade AND lemon cake.

I don’t know if I would be who I am today had I not attended an HBCU.

6. With the right tools, and the right school you will be prepared for life after college, you will build character, and simply enjoy a time in your life that is supposed to be filled with positive memories that will last a life time!


As the school year creeps upon us I hope you are excited, geared up, and ready to attend YOUR HBCU this fall!

There’s so much in store for you, the next four years will go by so quickly My best advice is take every opportunity because you never know where it may lead, and make the best of it all!

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Where We Come From…Leena Terese

For so long the history books have excluded our history, and the little that is included is watered down. When I was growing up I always wanted to know more. What I was taught in school about African American history and culture was just not enough for me. It was always briefly touched on during black history month and it usually included slavery, Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman, and Rosa Parks. That’s all folks! I wasn’t pleased with that. I knew that the people I came from had to contribute much more to this world and country than what I was being taught in school.


To get answers and to find out the truth I had to ask my parents and grandparents. I listened to them tell their stories about their experiences and I learned to educate myself. I read the autobiography of Malcolm X and was blown away at the life this man lived. I discovered Langston Hughes and to this day and “Harlem” is one of my favorite poems by him. My cousin got me a tape of Duke Ellington’s songs and I would close my eyes and allow the melodies to take me to another world. All very talented amazing African Americans who contributed a lot to our culture, however, I never learned about them in school. Fast forward to 2017, and most of children still are not learning about our culture in school.

What I have realized is that we have to take on that responsibility. It is our job to teach our children the importance of where we come from. We cannot wait for someone else to do it, because it’s not going to happen. As parents and adults we have the responsibility of letting our black youth know that they come from. I bet half of them don’t even realize that we come from kings, queens, mathematicians, entrepreneurs, inventors, and so much more.

We have to let the younger generation know that they come from an amazing race of people. There is so much more to our history than slavery, racism, and discrimination. Yes that is a big part of our story, but it’s certainly not all of it. Today I challenge you to begin the journey of educating our youth to understand that we have a rich history that they need to know.

 Leena Terese

Leena is a Midwestern girl that believes in being  and speaking positivity in her life. She enjoys writing, being a mommy, and most of all being a child of God and a black queen.