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The Most Influential Black Woman In My Opinion…Fatiha Malik

The most influential black woman in my opinion would have to be Beyonce’ for my generation. I grew up  during the Destiny’s Child era, basically loved every song they put out, formed my own girl group with my closest friends to mimic DC, and learned every lyric to their songs. I must admit as I grew older I wasn’t equally a die hard fan as I was when I was younger, however, I still felt and witnessed the influence Beyonce’ single-handedly had on my generation, the generation before me, and the millennial

I think the key to Beyonce’s success is the fact that she has managed to stay relevant yet, keeps her private life very low-key. She is also a GREAT entertainer, and her music resonates with woman who may need that little extra umph of sass, boost of confidence, and sense of independence. Beyonce’ has had woman all over the world singing “To the left, To the left” when tired of that lying cheating boyfriend, and “All the Single ladies” once you’re free of that baggage. She also makes songs for the“Dangerously in love” love birds.

Beyonce’ has many layers, as we all do. She exudes strength, while revealing her vulnerabilities from time to time. I recall her saying she likes to get pissed off before going on stage so that she can take that energy and put it all into her performance. That is a very interesting perspective of turning a negative into a positive. We all deal with negativity differently but if we all had the ability to turn negative energy into positive energy and transfer that to millions of people we would be in good shape as far as upward progression.Embed from Getty Images

When you look at her legacy, some may call Beyonce’ a diva because she is a perfectionist but she always comes off as gracious, and humble. Let’s face it most dream of the 20 year career that she has had, and the success that she and husband Jay-Z have accumulated. They are a power couple. Money definitely plays a factor in influence and some would listen to Beyonce’ before they listen to their parents, or religious leaders.
Beyonce’ is also a mom of three now so I think that brings more of a human aspect to her larger-than life persona. She has been recognized for her humanitarian efforts, and has always been outspoken when it comes to Girl Power!

Although I may not always agree with the way she goes about using her influence, it is no secret that everything she touches turns to gold. I have a feeling that she will bounce back after taking time off from having the twins- and continue to influence for generations to come.

About Fatiha

Freelance Writer and lifestyle blogger. Fatiha is a native New Yorker but has lived in NC for 6 years. She loves being a mom, writing, crafting, and traveling. Follow her on Twitter @Destinys_Callin and IG at Halfwoman_Halfamayzin



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