Black in America

Black in America…BJ Henderson

That being said, one of the frustrations of being black is the fact that there are so many people that see our skin as an immediate handicap.  When you say “Being black in America is tough”, you’re only partially correct.  Being anyone in America can be tough, and the reason for that is simple.  We live in a country where in order to achieve success, one must work hard, with diligence and dedication.  This is something that all people of all races from all walks of life have to deal with.  
african-american-883376_1920 (2).jpg
Now, it is true that there are some people – black, white, asian, whatever – that draw a good lot and have a step up on others when it comes to getting closer to their goals.  But the level of work needed for success isn’t any harder because a person is black, or female, or whatever.  Let’s ask a white rapper not named Marshal Mathers how hard it can be to get big in the hip hop industry.  Ask Jeremy Lin how hard it is for an Asian to achieve even benchwarmer status in the NBA.  Try being a white politician in majority black cities like Atlanta, Detroit, D.C. or Baltimore.  

Ultimately, any black man or woman who is willing to dedicate, educate, and work will achieve a deserved level of success in whatever field he or she chooses.  Condoleezza Rice, Oprah Winfrey, P.K. Subban, Walter E. Williams, etc.  There’s an endless list of black success stories in America.  There’s a common trait to them all – hard work and dedication.  
But seriously, can we as black Americans stop with the perpetual victim mindset.  It’s not productive at all.

1 thought on “Black in America…BJ Henderson”

  1. I hear you my Bro. King but, it is sad that 50 years later I still have to be “twice as”! Twice as: smart, good, clever, talented, hard working and forgiving as other folks just to survive. As Chris Rock said, this is “The Hypocrisy of our Democracy” Hotep


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