Hussein Ali Hill-Johnson Poetry

Our Moral Decay…Hussein Ali-Hill Johnson

Change just for change sake
is a major mistake

If you follow leaders that are lost
guess who pays the cost

If you have a square and you cut off four corners you have a circle
that reminds me of the common sense wisdom of Studs Terkel

When it comes to self-respect and respecting others
we are going backwards my Sisters and Brothers

In a car reverse is the strongest gear
but, you can’t win Indy  guiding you car with it’s rear

The answer is not as simple is turning back the clock
in order to rebuild our society GOD must be our bedrock

Because  Devil is saying a big hooray
at the state of our moral decay

Hussein Ali Hill-Johnson has been a Poet and Activist since his Freshman year in High School back in the 1973. The addition of the -Johnson is to his name is to honor is Mother (R.I.P.). She was a Short Story Writer, who taught him 90% of what he knows about writing and 100% of what it is to be a person of faith. In the past 30 months, he has written 200 poems, 98 of which are currently published on-line. He can be contacted via  Twitter and via e-mail at


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