Is Black Love in Trouble…Leena Terese


There has always been a negative stigma when it comes to black love in society. Especially how the media tries to make it out as if black women are the only single mothers in society without men in the household. The media is one thing, but sometimes in our own community we have a negative attitude ourselves on our relationships with the opposite sex.
I know you have heard at least one these following statements come from a black man or black woman’s mouth when referring to the opposite sex.  When a black man achieves a certain level of success he gets a woman of another race. Black women are crazy and have too much attitude. Black men are dogs and can’t be faithful. Black women are gold diggers and only want money and thugs. These are things that we say about each other. 
It  may look like to some that we just can’t get it right.  How did we get to a place where we have become so negative about each other? How can we as black men and black women get back to a place where black love is beautiful again?

(Black Minds Black Voices)

As a black woman I am truly disgusted with the black men that put down black woman over and over again. Not too long ago I heard a black man say that he was not attracted to black women. That we were not his type. I have also heard from several black men who date outside of their race that black women have bad attitudes, we’re lazy, gold diggers, etc. and that is why they date women of other races.

When I hear things like that it makes my skin crawl. How can a black man say such negative things about black women? Just think about is for a second. A black woman is the vessel that God used to bring that black man into this world, so how dare he disrespect and feel so negative about what he comes from? I don’t understand it.


I have dated outside of my race before. I have nothing against interracial dating, however, I do have a problem when black men date white women and put black women down in the process. Never have I dated a white guy and said “I’m dating him because black men are stupid. They are thugs. They are dogs.” I can date a white man and still appreciate the beauty in black men. My grandfathers were black, my father is black, my brother is black, my son will grow up one day to be a black man. So why would I put down what is a apart of me?

If a black man chooses to date outside of his race, I’m not judging. I have no problem with it. I just ask that you don’t put black women down because you choose to date women other than us. This is my message to those black men.

There is no race of women that is better than the other. There are lazy, cheating, lying, bad attitude having no women of all colors. Please stop putting all black women in the same category. To be honest, if you are a black man who says these things about black women, don’t clump us all together because you have had a few bad experiences. Your bad experience with black women does not define who we are.

As a black man you are supposed to love and protect us. We have to deal with way too much in this society as it is, the last thing we need is our own men treating us as if we are not good enough. If you have such a negative image of us then maybe you should look in the mirror. You came from a black woman so maybe their is some self hating going on that you need to check!

To answer the question is black love in Trouble…..As long as there are real black men who continue to respect, love, and adore black women black love will never be in trouble.

 Leena Terese

Leena is a Midwestern girl that believes in being  and speaking positivity in her life. She enjoys writing, being a mommy, and most of all being a child of God and a black queen.



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