Is Our Beauty Enough…Fatiha Malik

Black women have always been on the outside when it comes to the standard of beauty in America. We have historically been viewed as not beautiful. Our hair is nappy. Our lips are too full. Our hips are too wide. Who black women naturally are has never been considered the standard of beauty in our society. Fast forward to today, and black women are scolded sometimes for wearing weaves, getting plastic surgery, and trying to fit into the American beauty mold. My question is . . . do black women truly accept and embrace their natural beauty or try too hard to look like something they were never meant to be?  (Black Minds Black Voices)

If you ask me, black is the standard of beauty. Civilization originated in an African country (Ethiopia) where the native people are of darker complexion. We possess the magical ingredient, MELANIN: which is the one thing other races cannot synthetically create to protect them from the sun, or make themselves look more ethnic.

It is true, Black women have been ostracized and overlooked when it comes to their depiction of what beauty is. We’ve been criticized for our full lips, our curvier body types, and our thicker and coarse hair but at the end of the day I believe other races secretly wish they possessed these characteristics.

Our self-acceptance shouldn’t depend on whether society deems us to be beautiful. That is why instilling self-esteem in our young girls is so very important. Unfortunately, the pressure society places on the standard of beauty makes girls and women alike feel the need to be accepted by getting plastic surgery such as nose jobs, lipo suction, breast implants, and a host of other surgeries.

Truthfully, Everyone has that one thing they wouldn’t mind changing about themselves, and if it isn’t something that can be changed through changed behavior such as exercising, or eating better, then it’s ok to make a change to boost your self-confidence. But, when it comes to changing your image because you THINK you should look like another race that’s where the problem lies. Lack of self-love.

model-2339759_1280 (1)

Don’t get me wrong, other races are altering their appearance as well by getting lip fillers, cheek implants, booty implants, and fat transfers done to enhance their image. All of these things will make them look more appealing to the black man, which is another battle we have to fight because black men are known for leaving their black women for women of other races. This may also be attributed to why we may not feel like our natural beauty is enough.

As a child my mom gave me locs. I kept my locs for 17 years and absolutely loved them, but other people did not because it wasn’t their standard of beauty. I was ok with that because it made me stand out from the crowd, and gave me a uniqueness that I didn’t quite understand at the time.

Fast forward to present day and everyone is wearing faux locs; on the runway, in high fashion magazines, women of all races. I see this trend and it makes me realize how much our culture influences the masses and how we should embrace our natural beauty so much more, because if not, they will make it their own.

I must admit, in the past 5-10 years there has been a huge movement in which black women are embracing their natural beauty much more by going natural and leaving the weaves and make-up behind.

I love it.

Once we learn to accept our selves truly, organically; we will see a shift in their thinking and behavior as well. We were made perfectly in God’s image. We are Queens. We are MAGIC!

About Fatiha

Freelance Writer and lifestyle blogger. Fatiha is a native New Yorker but has lived in NC for 6 years. She loves being a mom, writing, crafting, and traveling. Follow her on Twitter @Destinys_Callin and IG at Halfwoman_Halfamayzin


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