Hussein Ali Hill-Johnson Poetry

Free Speech…Poetry by Hussein Ali Hill-Johnson

Free Speech

Free speech is like using a double edge razor blade
my favorites are Wilkinson made

Being careful when you use it is the trick
because yourself you don’t want to nick

If you do, I hope its a minor cut
and doesn’t  require a stitches to shut

Remember there is a thin line between love and hate
or a self-aggrandizing monologue and a debate

Finally, it’s like playing basketball on a hard wood floor
the goal is to win, not to just run up the score

Hussein Ali Hill-Johnson has been a Poet and Activist since his Freshman year in High School back in the 1973. The addition of the -Johnson is to his name is to honor is Mother (R.I.P.). She was a Short Story Writer, who taught him 90% of what he knows about writing and 100% of what it is to be a person of faith. In the past 30 months, he has written 200 poems, 98 of which are currently published on-line. He can be contacted via Twitter  at


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