Hussein Ali Hill-Johnson Poetry

The Other America…Poetry by Hussein Ali Hill-Johnson

The Other America

Blacks here live in places like N’awlins, B-more and Chiraq
where hard working  people have to watch their back

Because from both the cops and criminals we are under attack
and the courts will not cut us any slack

Our country is divided by an ethic, religious or political wall
in order to survive my people climb mts. that are Everest  tall

We live on a social-ecomonic isthmus
Where crimes on us by both Whites and Blacks we witness

At best, for us the glass that hold life’s joy is only half full
but, least we are no longer slaves or any of that bull

Unfortunately, the “silent majority” here just can’t see
that we live in “the other America” – still yearning to be free

Hussein Ali Hill-Johnson has been a Poet and Activist since his Freshman year in High School back in the 1973. The addition of the -Johnson is to his name is to honor is Mother (R.I.P.). She was a Short Story Writer, who taught him 90% of what he knows about writing and 100% of what it is to be a person of faith. In the past 30 months, he has written 200 poems, 98 of which are currently published on-line. He can be contacted via  Twitter and via e-mail at


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